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13, October, 2013

Expats Participate in Korean Writing Contest

Foreigners participated in the 22nd annual Korean Writing Contest at the Yonsei University’s campus on the 9th of this month.

Hosted by the Yonsei’s Korean Language Institute, it was held to celebrate Hangul Day with people from 60 different countries taking part.

The test was followed by entertaining performances by talented Korean students and professional Korean martial arts athletes.

The grand prize winners were a student from China and a prospective grad student from Belarus.

– Phrases

participate in, join, take part in

take place(happen, occur) v. hold

people from (60 different) countries

A follows B = B is followed by A

performances by~

prospective (grad) student v. candidate for the Master’s degree (ie: prospective employee)

– Question:

Should foreigners learn Korean while they live in Korea, like in other countries?

– Audio Lecture:


7, October, 2013

Baek Ji Young Sues Netizens

A Seoul Police Station stated last Thursday k pop star Baek Ji Young’s agency sued the netizens who left spiteful remarks regarding her family affairs on internet blogs and it began an investigation into the case.

The police station said one of the netizens left a message on an internet community bulletin that wrote her smoking habit caused the miscarriage.

It was posted on June 27th, within 72 hours after the news were released regarding her miscarriage.

– Phrases

A Seoul police station(= a police station in Seoul) v. a Seoul based police station

(family) affairs (O) events(X)

left (a message) on

a message (on an internet community bulletin) that wrote

news were released

regarding > with regard to > related to > relating to

at time, on day, in week & month & year

– Question:

Should people leaving hurtful remarks on line be punished? If yes, how? If not, why?

– Audio Lecture


6, October, 2013

U.S. supports Japan’s right to self-defense

The United States and Japan agreed to broaden their security alliance on past Thursday.

The ministers of the two countries issued a joint statement implying U.S. support for the exercise of Japan’s right to collective self-defense.

Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed caution over Japan’s push for the right to collective self-defense, saying it would wait for more details on the matter.

But the ministry did stress that the strengthened security alliance should aim to promote peace in the region by keeping Japan’s neighboring countries in mind.

– phrases

agreed to broaden
broaden alliance
meet v. meet up
construction of system
implying support for
expressed caution over push for
wait for more details
details on the matter
stress that

– Question:

What should the Korean government do about this in the nearest future?

– Audio Lecture


29, September,  2013

Koreans in their 20s & America’s 20 somethings

(based on a story at ‘Voice of America’ :

While America’s 20-somethings are getting criticized for not making decisions like their parents generation used to be able to, Koreans in their 20s are also showing similar patterns.
They say theses days the young Korean females are faced with two choices: marrying a super rich man or finding their own answers for the life they want to live.
On the other hand, young adult men here are considered mentally weak. Especially when having to make decisions, they worry other generations. In some cases, even demonstrations in college these days are led and even held by their parents.
It is becoming a common scene parents complain, on behalf of their grown up children, about things that happen at work. Koreans love to talk about the fast economic growth. Maybe it’s time to think about how rarely we grew up inside.

– Phrases

20-somethings; Koreans in their 20s; the 20s

criticized for

showing similar patterns

faced with choices

marrying; being married to

finding (their own) answers for

demonstrations… led and even held by~

on behalf of~

grow; grow up

– Question:

Why are the 20s settling down – get a job and have a family – at a later age than before?

– Audio Lecture:


29, September,  2013

Justice ministry says it has secured enough evidence proving love-child allegations surrounding Prosecutor-General Chae.

The nation’s justice ministry says it has secured enough testimony to prove so-called love-child allegations surrounding Prosecutor-General Chae Dong-wook.
The justice ministry said it began an investigation in mid-September into allegations that Chae fathered an illegitimate son, and found that Chae has been involved in a relationship with the mother of the child for the past few years.
The ministry also urged the Presidential Office of Cheong Wa Dae to accept Chae’s offer to resign from his post, which was submitted two weeks ago.
The opposition parties have been demanding a probe on the matter, accusing the presidential office of using its influence to force Chae from office, because it was unhappy with the way he’s handled recent political issues.


– phrases

secured enough testimony -> secure: obtain in possession

prove (so-called) love-child allegations

allegations surrounding (prosecutor)

began an investigation into allegations… and found that

demanding a probe on (the matter)

involved in a relationship with

urged (the Presidential Office of Cheong Wa Dae) to accept (Chae’s) offer to

offer (to resign… which was) submitted

resign from his post

accusing (the presidential office) of using its influence

influence to force Chae from office

handled (recent political) issues

– Question:

Should the presidential office accept Chae’s resignation offer? Why or why not?

– Audio Lecture:


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