Koreans in their 20s & America’s 20 somethings

(based on a story at ‘Voice of America’ : http://learningenglish.voanews.com/content/emerging-adulthood/1748638.html)

While America’s 20-somethings are getting criticized for not making decisions like their parents generation used to be able to, Koreans in their 20s are also showing similar patterns.
They say theses days the young Korean females are faced with two choices: marrying a super rich man or finding their own answers for the life they want to live.
On the other hand, young adult men here are considered mentally weak. Especially when having to make decisions, they worry other generations. In some cases, even demonstrations in college these days are led and even held by their parents.
It is becoming a common scene parents complain, on behalf of their grown up children, about things that happen at work. Koreans love to talk about the fast economic growth. Maybe it’s time to think about how rarely we grew up inside.

– Phrases

20-somethings; Koreans in their 20s; the 20s

criticized for

showing similar patterns

faced with choices

marrying; being married to

finding (their own) answers for

demonstrations… led and even held by~

on behalf of~

grow; grow up

– Question:

Why are the 20s settling down – get a job and have a family – at a later age than before?

– Audio Lecture:



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