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누구나 할 수 있는 정확한 영어

13, October, 2013

  • 금주의 주제어:

1) Hangul Day (한글날)

2) To Be Announced

  • 추가 어휘 공부를 위한 프레이스 (Phrase):


participate in, join, take part in

take place(happen, occur) v. hold

people from (60 different) countries

A follows B = B is followed by A

performances by~

prospective (grad) student v. candidate for the Master’s degree (ie: prospective employee)

– 오디오 어휘 강의:



6, October, 2013

  • 금주의 주제어:

1) Japan

2) on Line Insult (온라인 모욕)

  • 추가 어휘 공부를 위한 프레이스 (Phrase):


agreed to broaden

broaden alliance

meet v. meet up

construction of system

implying support for

expressed caution over push for

wait for more details

details on the matter

stress that

– 오디오 어휘 강의:


– Phrases

A Seoul police station(= a police station in Seoul) v. a Seoul based police station

(family) affairs (O) events(X)

left (a message) on

a message (on an internet community bulletin) that wrote

news were released

regarding > with regard to > related to > relating to

at time, on day, in week & month & year

– Question:

Should people leaving hurtful remarks on line be punished? If yes, how? If not, why?

– Audio Lecture


29, September,  2013

  • 금주의 주제어:

1) The 20s These days (요즘 20대들)

2) Love Child (혼외 자손)

  • 추가 어휘 공부를 위한 프레이스 (Phrase):


20-somethings; Koreans in their 20s; the 20s

criticized for

showing similar patterns

faced with choices

marrying; being married to

finding (their own) answers for

demonstrations… led and even held by~

on behalf of~

grow; grow up

– 오디오 어휘 강의:


secured enough testimony -> secure: obtain in possession

prove (so-called) love-child allegations

allegations surrounding (prosecutor)

began an investigation into allegations… and found that

demanding a probe on (the matter)

involved in a relationship with

urged (the Presidential Office of Cheong Wa Dae) to accept (Chae’s) offer to

offer (to resign… which was) submitted

resign from his post

accusing (the presidential office) of using its influence

influence to force Chae from office

handled (recent political) issues

– 오디오 어휘 강의:


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