“K FOB SHOW” Oct. 13th, 2013. – K POP is like Kimchi

A Seoul Police Station stated k pop star Baek Ji Young’s agency sued the netizens who left spiteful remarks regarding her family affairs on internet blogs and it began an investigation into the case..


“K FOB SHOW” Oct. 9th, 2013. – Porn and Diplomacy

The United States and Japan agreed to broaden their security alliance on past Thursday. The ministers of the two countries issued a joint statement implying U.S. support for the exercise of Japan’s right to collective self-defense…


‘K FOB SHOW’ is an all English commentary service for all the people interested in what real Koreans might really be thinking about real issues in reality.

– by Ordinary Korean “Unleashed Commentator,” Sehhyeong Kangmin Brian Kim

To get as real as possible, It may contain a content banned from the conventional media in Korea. Areas of focus are politics, religion, and other sensitive issues that are not discussed in public but need to be debated and talked about for a healthier society.

Diversity of ways of thinking and flexibility on accepting other views are crucial for a society to grow up, rather than hiding things to look different outside.


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